Yes. Non-ionizing electromagnetic waves can cause damage. You always need some antenna like system and a resonator to get force/energy transfer to the system. Some biological structures can do that. Here is explained how non-ionizing EM-waves affect biological systems. https://thescienceanalyst.substack.com/p/how-non-ionizing-radiation-affects

Don't get confused about the word Graphene. Graphene is a strip of graphite (pure carbon). It is a neutral substance. But toxicity research should indeed be done, especially if stuff is added to it.

Due to the many different ways it is used and due to futurism (science fiction), a lot of people think that the substance graphene is something magical that can do all sorts of technical stuff at the same time. Don't get confused. It is like silicon. Silicon is used to fabricate chips in very big and precise machinery. And it is in sand grinding the gears or in silicon oil that lubricates the gears.

The graphene-oxide that is in the patents about vaccines, are using graphene like a very small rope. A rope on which they can stick all kinds of stuff, like mRNA. So it is clearly not used as some antenna or technical component. The liquid substance is grey due to the carbon fibers (=graphene). And Covid-vax is transparant and fluorescent with ultra-violet. So the covid-vax does not contain the graphene or graphene-oxide. It is very toxic in other ways.

> Is it possible that graphene is magnified by the EMF emitted by mobile phone antennas

Graphene is not related to mobile phones or EMF. Unless you make some antenna-like system. For that you need to make an antenna system, and an amplifier. But the graphene usually folds itself and is of different sizes, making it useless as some antenna. It may replace the aluminum components on silicon chips one day, but it is currently very hard to work with.

I designed some micro-chips myself and have technical knowledge of antennas. If there are any questions, I will try answering them. There are not many technical people who understand that microwaves can be harmful. Most "experts" are very biased towards ignoring all such dangers.

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Thanks for the link. I read through it. I have a technical question.

I have a Trifield EMF meter. I have surveyed my apartment. On the RF setting, by the window, the meter is pegged (> 20 mW/m^2). This seems bad, since in front of the microwave while heating water is similar. In the bathroom, furthest from the windows, the sensor measures 0.2-0.4 mW/m^2. On my bed, it varies. If I point the sensor directly into contact with the mattress, it ranges from 8-20 - depending on location. It does the same thing on my own body when I'm lying on the bed, although it is less (2-8). I now try to sleep in the area with the lowest signal.

So all this seems bad. But how bad? Perhaps my biggest problem is, I can't convert the units very well. Too many zeros.

I did all this because I've been having relatively new sleep issues, and I wanted to rule out EM radiation as a cause.

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You might like to read my Health Alarm Part 2, especially the second half that discusses nutritional and other ways to detoxify from EMFs and from the pollutants in our bodies that are both harmful in themselves and become far more harmful when exited by EMFs. https://ernestdlieberman.substack.com/p/health-alarm-part-2-nanoparticles

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There are 4 types of EMF - dirty electricity, RF, electric fields and magnetic fields. If you are interested in this topic and making your living space safe, I would suggest you get good meters that measure them- not the cheap, 3-in-1 Trifield. There are shielding materials you can use, such as regular uncoated aluminum window screen and fabrics/textiles, like Naturelle and if you have a smart meter, you can hopefully opt out of that.

The Safe Living Technologies website is a very good place for RF meters and shielding materials and they also have the best RF meter for lay people (their Safe and Sound Pro II, which I own). Less EMF (https://lessemf.com) is another good place to shop.

You can learn a lot from watching Youtube videos by building biologists specializing in EMR like Oram Miller (https://createhealthyhomes.com/) and Michael Neurert (https://emfcenter.com). And while you're at it, don't forget about chemicals and mold. Good luck.

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Thanks for the references. I originally got my Trifield to measure magnetic field gauss, and I have repurposed it for RF (it being 3-in-1 and all). I was just wondering if my Trifield was telling me that I'm in danger.

Assume for a moment that I don't want to spend months of research to become an EMF subject matter expert. Ideally, there's a table somewhere that shows "the mice died after N mw/m^2 over a 3 period" so I can assess whether or not this is an issue for me.

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Personally, I think it is in everyone's interest to really dig into this subject because we will be exposed to it all for the rest of our lives, and once you learn the subject, you can make informed decisions about things. And it is biologically hurting us whether we feel it or not. Youtube videos are great because they spoon-feed you info in a very short amount of time.

That being said, my RF meter says 0-10 mW/m2 is slight, 11-100 is moderate, above 100 is high and somewhere at least below 800 it registered extreme. The gaussmeter I own is from Less EMF and it is this one https://lessemf.com/product/switchable-31-axis-gaussmeter/. Oram Miller told me electric fields have more to do with sleep as opposed to magnetic fields, which are more dangerous. I used my RF meter to discover that my TV, even though everything in our house is hardwired, was still putting out Bluetooth I didn't know about, which was making me dizzy. It also revealed that my hardwired satellite receiver box near the TV was putting out wifi to the nearby tower at night, which could not be turned off and that caused dizziness, too. Both those signals were in the extreme, like tens of thousands.

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First try to get your sleeping room to a reduced level of microwaves using shielding. There are some coatings that you can put on the walls, floors and ceilings. You can best start with simple cheap things like aluminum foil to see if that works for you. Start with the walls first. Or ceiling if there is a transmitter on the roof. With the meter you can see if it works.

Don't forget to connect them to ground. Most buildings have grounded connectors, and usually the metal of the water tap is grounded. Electricity can be dangerous. If you are not sure how it works, don't be afraid to ask friends to verify it. There are also some professionals that can help you to shield a room.

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Thanks for your recommendations. I tried your simple foil approach, and it measurably helped reduce the signal in the room - maybe a 50% reduction. And that's only with maybe 60% window coverage. I did not ground the foil or use foil on the walls - the walls are cement, frames are metal, and my hope is that the entire building (its a large building) is grounded. My conclusion: shielding is an approach worth trying.

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Something cheap like Chicken-fence may work for windows. Looks ugly though, but you can test how it works. You can later replace it with a (more expensive) fine metal grid that looks like a mosquito net/fence.

Note that the wave-length of the 5G can be very small. Your grid must be 50% smaller than the wavelength. With a <5 GHz transmitter the wavelength is >6 cm. So your fence should be like 3cm. But for short-distance transmissions 5G stations may also use much higher frequencies of 24–71 GHz (4 and 12 mm). Which is smaller than chicken-fence.

If you know what the source of the microwaves is, what frequencies are used, you can match your protection to it. You can also quick-test the protection by putting the metal grid around the meter. Or around your 5G telephone.

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Found an article with is a perfect example of BAD understanding of what is going on.

The article has great images of all kinds of things found under a microscope. It seems impressive, but it is mostly nonsense. The writer does not understand what it sees under the microscope and makes all kinds of weird assumptions. Everything that he does not understand is "graphene oxide". And the "graphene oxide vaccine" assertion is not even requiring any proof.

Here is the article: "Teslaphoresis of Graphenated Hydrogel with Antennae Surrounded by Microfilarae Parasites" -> https://www.drrobertyoung.com/post/teslaphoresis-of-graphenated-hydrogel-with-antennae-surrounded-by-microfilarae-parasites

A - Dust-ball pictures: So what are the balls under the microscope? 1) Most look like fungi or mold. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gm4_GIVG1vA Yeast infection. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v_50A3nOcn4 2) Could be a known disease. 3) Pollution. Ryan Cole explained in a video how a feature called "hydra" is actually from plants.

The "Teslaphoresis" is a difficult word for something very simple. The manipulation of dust by an electrical field. It can be done with most kinds of dust in an electric field. Something that you can not just do inside a body without a laboratory equipment. Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IoaPm-VTtCM

B- Black balls. 1) They are all gas bubbles. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7tSl_eKBoqE 2) More gas bubbles: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/8CLmlWlIVFw

But what does graphene oxide actually look like? They are much smaller, and just simple threads. Graphene is a hexagonal crystal thread, and tends to fold 60 /120 degrees. It can not form any threaded-ball structures.

And that is ALL the evidence. There is a lot of garbage in the serums. But let's look what is actually in there. Start doing real science and stop writing science fiction horror stories.

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Wonderful! Very informative! Citing over 20 sources finding graphene compounds in C19 injectables.

Yet why does this post end with "Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are Francesca’s own and do not necessarily represent the World Council for Health."

The disclaimer goes to Karen Kingston's post "Why Opponents to Medical Freedom Don't Want You to Talk About this $Multi-Trillion Industry." https://karenkingston.substack.com/p/why-opponents-to-medical-freedom

I note too that Tess Lawrie put her name to the findings of an independent lab that graphene compounds were found in C19 injections.



Penny Butler reported that the updated comprehensive report, dated April 20, 2022, confirmed graphene oxide in the injections. https://pennybutler.com/uk-lab-vial-contents/

I am writing an "Open Letter to Health Freedom Advocates" arguing that showing extensive damage to blood can be a way to build widespread public support for banning both the LNP mRNA platform and the use of graphene compounds in all injectable products (for starters).

Thank you for this post. I will be citing it. Good Health to You!

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I sense that graphene and mRNA are red herrings to distract from the known toxins.

In past vaccines, that were the adjuvants and preservatives.

With the cv shots that's the lipids and carriers like peg or polysorbate in the non mRNA shots.

I've yet to see where graphene works with iot, etc.

Also, how would it be any different than other metallic nano stuff like aluminum or mercury?

The circuits they claim they can make in cells are rudimentary at best, even after decades of research.

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A very impressive list of those who report graphene in various fluids. including human blood. One wonders if there is any living thing which does not have it. Has anyone looked at ocean fish?

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If you find the study, John, please post it here, that's your job now 😉

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If you still think this is about the government needing "scientific proof" in order to take action, you are in cloud cuckoo land. https://linlaz.substack.com/p/graphene-oxide-causes-sars

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Thank you for your contribution to the discussion, Linda.

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You may be interested in this. Reconsideration of the Scientific Testimony of Dr Andreas Noack. See the substack - nhttps://outraged.substack.com/p/whats-in-those-injections-we-must

The story is here https://rumble.com/vq5bu1-dr-andreas-noack-killed-4-days-after-posting-this-vid-killed-4-days-after-p.html

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Yes, Jack, I heard about his death when it happened. Domenico Biscardi also died mysteriously or a heart attack out of the blue, and most recently a Dr Giovanna Martinelli who lived and worked in Mexico and did a lot of work on graphene in blood samples and elsewhere, has died mysteriously in her sleep a few days ago, young and well until that date.

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If you are strong enough to watch the most egregious, mendacious and malevolent lying in front of a parliamentary hearing, I can share this with you: https://www.aph.gov.au/News_and_Events/Watch_Read_Listen/ParlView/video/1585181

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Pfizer is living in a clown world. |The arrogance is astounding and they have no shame. Corrupted Governments are allowing them to live of state welfare.

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Ahh - you mean https://nanografi.com/blog/multiwalled-carbon-nanotubes/ for human use - NanoGrafi are pretty much crowing about their nanotubes, now injected into everyone who had a vaccine.

The theory is that when the billions of nanotubes in each vaccine shot are hit with a signal within a certain range by 5G, the nanotubes all vibrate together and emit a sound which kills all thought in the Human Brain and makes the body a Robot or Zombie, controlled by a computer somewhere, presumably for further genetic modification at an mRNA factory near you

Have you noticed that 5G towers are going up like mushrooms everywhere - it was reported some years ago, that there is a circuit in the towers which is called Cov-19, weird of what?

Everyone vaccinated now has their own MAC address, installed by the vaccines and wired directly to the brain of each individual, if vaccinated, so want to see the MAC numbers of those vaccinated around you, use an Android 5 phone with bluetooth, to see their numbers, or vaccinated yours.

Once you have your number, why not give it a ring, who knows, it might answer, but what do you say then, to it?

I don't have a MAC address - I checked, but then I'm not vaccinated either, so I would not have one, would I?

BionTech Ulrich? designed the vaccine which he licensed to Pfizer for their vaccines, in an afternoon, on a home computer, what I find puzzling is why Pfizer did not do the same thing on a home computer of their own, come up with their own formula and freeze BionTech out of the 100% profits that Pfizer would otherwise have been making - you see any sense to Pfizer paying at least 50% of their profit margin, back to BionTech?

Moderna created their Covid-19 Neucloids virus in a laboratory and patented it in 2013, you can find the chemical formula for it on my recent substack posts - what BionTech did, Pfizer could do, after all the Moderna patent was common knowledge, to the Chemical Industry right? - even I have it on my substack.

2013 was the year that The US Supreme Court passed their Law with World Wide Applications that anyone who has a synthetic mRNA vaccine where the vaccine changes their DNA and thus their Human Genome is no longer Human and all Human Rights are lost and they are now a new species "Trans Human" - Transforming from Human? for which no rights have ever been written - giving the timing, it all makes some sort of sense, don't you think?

That Law is studied in some Universities in America, so it has to be real to be part of a Uni curriculum.

Add to that Thomas Renz (US Lawyer) had a couple of cases before the Geneva Convention against the vaccine makers, for Crimes Against Humanity, back in 2021 and the cases were thrown out by the Geneva Convention Judges - my assumption - no longer human so zero human rights.

It has been established that the US Department Of Defense bought the vaccines and had them distributed into everyone who volunteered to have them - so what is the DOD's bottom line, which they have not achieved yet? Free Super Soldiers?

Vaccines don't work and never have, the assumption was that they work, but they have never been compared against a salt water placebo to establish if they do anything for the past 200 years or so - so FAIL US DOD (so far) so apart from killing a large proportion of the population, theoretically because the only human suitable for Genetic modifications are the bodies which are kept alive, the rest are exterminated because they are unsuitable (by injury then death, or just immediate death) seems to be going along as well as can be expected, don't you think?

Deagle forecast 25% population expected by 2025 of the 100% or 8 billion at the start of 2023 going along according to plan, apparently - makes you think, re the above provable information, don't you think?

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Thanks, Christine. Interestingly the 'fact checkers' have gone to town on the 2013 law, if it were actually false or would have no real impact they would have ignored it. This is an interesting summary from the scientific american: https://blogs.scientificamerican.com/guest-blog/new-supreme-court-decision-rules-that-cdna-is-patentablewhat-it-means-for-research-and-genetic-testing/. The question of DNA patenting alone and the obvious links to ego and greed, not healthcare and wellbeing (or plantcare and wellbeing for that matter, if we look at agribusiness and gene patenting) show it is on the follow-the-money continuum.

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Actually, I was the person who brought the US Supreme Court Law into the public eye - I in turn got it from a young lady who was at University somewhere studying Law and it was a topic which came up in one of her classes and she was so concerned about the implications, she posted the whole thing on a website in South Africa I happened to access from time to time - I have been running with it ever since - when you take it with the last article I posted on my substack a few hours ago - explaining the US military involvement in the production and injection of the vaccines, it all starts to make a terrifyingly horrible sense, as I've implied all along - at least for the vaccinated, all 5.3 billion of them

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Could you post the exact link here - I couldn't make sense of which article it might be, thank you

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I am sorry, I can't do that - this was sometime in 2021 and the link was with a South African online newspaper which changed hands shortly afterwards and I lost my subscription to it.

Sasha wrote a brilliant article which I quoted in my substack - but I don't keep them, I post and delete from my hard drives - safer that way for me, my substack is my data storage point, not my home hard drives, however, if you Google: DOD-ATI-Pfizer-Technical-Direction-Letter-OTA-W15QKN-16-9-1002-21July2020 you should come up with the PDF showing the US DOD's involvement with Pfizer and the sums involved.

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Remember when cows were going to become cell towers?

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Can you elucidate?

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Aug 1, 2023·edited Aug 1, 2023

Fantastic. Excellent synopsis of hypothesis and I concur based on what I've researched and read, seen, and listened to the last 3 3/4 years. I've more than likely accumulated well over 10,000 hour, DPan : ). I like.

Especially, thank you for the remeberance of all those who have investigated this, especially the one's who have departed our beautiful planet. It my hope that they are fighting just as hard for us from the other side. Please keep up the great works and thank you all (and all of us) and may We Endeavor To Perservere and survive this non consensual inhumane attack on humanity and Mother Earth.

"Chitin and collagen as universal and alternative templates in biomineralization"

Hermann Ehrlich

Pages 661-699 | Accepted 18 Jan 2010, Published online: 30 Apr 2010

Download citation



Abstract access only but looks intersting. (Malone pushed collagen supplementation recently in his Substack and it caught my attention plus am having burning knee's and some minor neuropathy in the hand I hold my cell phone in).

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If grapheme is so ubiquitous and of unknown potential what are some getting so concerned about microplastics ?

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I think we are generally in a situation of ubiquitous pollution by materials that were not previously known to our planet, and there is only so much one can focus on at once. A discussion about microplastics is equally necessary.

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As Pete Wiggin refers to below, we are in the era of 'disruptive technologies'.

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Thanks Dr Tess (we met at Leicester's Quaker Meeting House about a year ago).

My view and experience (of energies, rather than 'atoms' and other human constructs that cannot explain the inexplicable energies of life & death, realities, neuroplasticity, zeitgeist, plasma, suicidal disintegration and rebirth, etc) is that our fears can create unhelpful realities.

I prefer ancient aboriginal ideas of reality, time, space, etc., combined with the optimism and 'oneness' of submitting to the 'flow' and karma of our individual/collective consciousness/subconscious 'flow', that becomes the realities we experience.

Robert Temple's work on plasma energies and much else is transcendent, notably in his 2022 book A New Science Of Heaven. We, and everything, are pure energy; and the differences between life, death, dreaming, day-dreaming and pre-conception are greatly misunderstood. No beginning, no end. Nothing is everything, is nothing, etc. Information and relationships, cooperation and love; none of these have any 'mass', and so does that not throw into doubt Einsteinian and Newtonian theories; also quantum and anything binary-coded? Love, infinitely, Alan

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“Destructive Technologies” are too lucrative and valuable to humanity that that can not and should not be thoroughly tested...

...Nanotechnologies with grapheme or LNP are just perfect examples


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Hmmm, more Orwellian double-speak, thanks for commenting, Pete.

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The bluetooth thing, aka "undeclared MAC addresses coming from people" is driven by ignorance and idiocy.

1. Bluetooth-enabled devices are usually detectable via Bluetooth protocols when they are "off".

2. A large amount of everyday things have bluetooth in them, sometimes with *multiple* Bluetooth interfaces in a single gadget. Your car - has at least one. Your wireless earpods - has one, might even use two. Your phone - has at least one. Your computer - has at least one. Your washing machine - has one. Your new "smart TV" has one.

3. The Bluetooth standard supports recognizing signals up to 400 feet away.

4. It's so cheap to add Bluetooth to gadgets that it become the standard used for inter-device communication years ago - it's cheaper for a company to just use Bluetooth than to build their own chips, receivers and software for wirelessly connecting multiple devices together.

5. Somehow the companies who had catastrophic manufacturing problems that lead to many Covid shot manufacturing plants being shut down, were somehow able to build technology far advanced of what we're currently capable of doing.

6. Bluetooth has existed for two and a half decades (there were similar standards before the release of the v1.0 standard in 1998), but people are *only now* realizing that they can install a program on their phones and use it to search for other Bluetooth-enabled devices nearby.

Put this together and you have people freaking out over nothing because of their ignorance. It's complete BS.

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I have no problem with anything but your last sentence which I think is not warranted based on the other material you posted. You have not provided a detailed critique of the most impressive experiments done to determine the source of MAC addresses that appear to emanate from human beings and not devices. For example, what about those who have performed the tests in graveyards where there are no other sources of MAC addresses?

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Ditto, please see COMUSAV video on cemeteries linked in the article, and then comment specifically in relation to the content of that video, if you have experience and honed insights into whether this can be a good way of assessing the MAC address problem.

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You mean they *assumed* there were no other sources of electronic devices.

MAC addresses don't appear out of nowhere, they come from an electronic device that provides integration with one of a number technical pieces. An address being exposed as a Bluetooth device implies a bluetooth antenna on a device somewhere. When the people were at the graveyard had they driven there? Were their vehicles nearby? How many recording devices were they using? Did the graveyard have any high-tech headstones (https://www.funeralhelpcenter.com/cemetery-headstones-go-high-tech/)?

Did you know that with the Bluetooth 5.1 you can triangulate the location of antennae? Did any of the ghost/bluetooth hunters try doing that, or did they just stand around exclaiming that their phones showed something they didn't understand?

Again, all I've seen so far is people discovering that these Bluetooth antennae have been added to a huge number of every day devices, are detectable from a large distance, and are then jumping to idiotic conclusions.

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Please watch the link that is documented in the article, and please make a comment referring to that work if you think it is suitable, thanks

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Comment deleted
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I build website for a living, I have no vested interests in companies that use bluetooth devices.

I didn't state anything about safety, I was pointing out the idiocy of saying that someone for the first time ever discovering how Bluetooth works meant that Bluetooth-enabled systems are being injected into people.

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Comment deleted
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I'm in agreement on the postmodernist / cyberpunk problems of companies holding themselves above the laws of mere humans, and their globalist agendas to make entire countries subservient to their whims.

I don't know about EMR, etc, I haven't done any research on them. Something people don't seem to recognize on this topic is there's a difference between being right up close to a tower vs being a few miles away, the same as how living beside high powered electrical transformers is different to living miles away from them.

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Interesting paper. Does glutathione work as well as NAC is the question I have and should one consider taking both?

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NAC is a precursor to glutathione, meaning that it helps the body produce glutathione. Glutathione itself is not readily absorbed from the digestive system. Both can be administered


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