Why should any country continue to support such a corrupt organization?

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It is nothing to do with countries, it is Big Money that runs everything. The politicians are corrupt, greedy puppets working for the oligarchy. You are just a means to an end for them.

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This is confusing as the names are too similar. Can you use the word “organisation” in the title? eg. “World Health Organisation assembly president...”? I thought for a moment that Tess Laurie was going to be replaced! 🙈🧐

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I agree with you, I found the wording and the content flow of this article very confusing.

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May 14·edited May 15

What is the World Health Organisation actually?

>> Institutionalised Evil <<

It is absolutely critical for the safety of our society that we exit the WHO.

The pandemic treaty is declaration of war against citizens - nothing less.

The unlawful and completely unwanted preparations for a power-grab must not under any circumstances be allowed to proceed - and support for it is IN FACT corruption of the most serious and harmful degree.

The electorate have not been consulted and there is no legal basis in existence for the absolute rights of any society to be transferred to - or subjugated by - any external organisation.

*Any attempt to implement such surrender of sovereignty precisely fits the definition of treason*

For any such insanity to be binding, at a minimum a referendum would be required, since no government may cede the rights of its citizens.

This evil plan is an attempt to bury the very principle of democracy itself!


The WHO is a corrupt institution which serves the interests of its sponsors at the cost of the people it harms.

e.g. the Gates Foundation has consistently remained among its top contributors - the same foundation which sponsored vaccines which Gates himself acknowledged when interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, "the best investment he ever made".

...and now that this depopulation enthusiast WHO sponsor has raked in colossal profits on the back of the damage to societies and the lives it has ruined, he is very critical of the same technology he sponsored...

(which the WHO helped railroad through)

>> No greater conflict of interest is possible <<


Is the World Health Organisation trustworthy?


Apart from a dismal lack of transparency and being headed by a man suspected in his home country of crimes against humanity...

^ Read that again ^

(Referenced here: https://www.ambapu.org/sites/default/files/2017-04/APU_opposes_candidacy_of_Dr_TAG.pdf )

...the WHO made several very serious blunders during the covid period AT A COMBINED COST OF MILLIONS OF LIVES.

In 2020 for example, the WHO and UNICEF published studies estimating deaths of children in the hundreds of thousands due to lockdown supply chain disruption - and still supported that killing (document references are available if anyone should wish to see them).



Consequences of following WHO recommendations?


Here in Malta as in every territory which implemented WHO recommendations:

> Many family businesses are gone.

> The economy has been massively damaged which means less money available for education and even health-care itself.

> Generational wealth has been transferred to the wealthiest people on the planet - the same ones who have influence over the unelected UN, of which the WHO is one of its tentacles.

...and most seriously, Malta now has the highest level of excess death in the whole of the EU whilst the 'blessed' WHO has made no effort at all to explain the continuous medical emergency situation which has existed post-implementation of their recommendations.


^ This is official EU data - noting that the 2018 spike was previously the worst in a decade and is now exceeded every year.

Clearly 'New Normal' actually means "normalising a catastrophic level of death"


...but then a catastrophic level of death is no surprise considering WHO-supported 'initiatives' which conformed precisely to the roadmap laid out in the Rockefeller Foundation's 2010 'Scenarios' document exploring "A world of tighter top-down government control and more authoritarian leadership" (see https://archive.org/details/scenarios-for-the-future-of-technology-and-international-development-rockefeller-foundation-2010/page/18/ )

>> Certainty cannot be disputed; the title is "LOCK STEP" for God's sake!!! <<

...nor is a catastrophic level of death a surprise considering the WHO deleted the findings of their own lead scientist regarding the true unremarkable contagion of covid-19.

...nor did they ever retrospectively correct the conclusions based upon nonsense 2020 covid statistics after they in 2021 issued the guidance notice that a positive diagnosis is never appropriate without symptoms...WHICH RETROSPECTIVELY INVALIDATED ALL THE TYRANICAL MEASURES THEY SUPPORTED IN 2020...




The Word Health🤌 Organisation is corrupt to a level of Institutionalised Evil

(a proper name for The Devil itself)


This attempt at the unlawful, unwanted and treasonous betrayal of Maltese citizens and society must not succeed.

Apart from being unlawful, its very design is immoral and unethical - an unforgivable disgrace for any public servant to become associated with.

The pandemic treaty is declaration of war against citizens everywhere.

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