Praying the day comes when they're all held accountable. 🙏

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Hang them high..

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I agree that something needs to be done. Yet, using guidelines that come from the United Nation on human rights is very curious. The reason that I say this because they take responsibility for what is happening now. Their counterpart the World Health Organization is in deep with covid and the exaggerated environmental crisis. The wrongdoers should be hels responsible, yet the how is the question.

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While I have some respect for Willem Van Aardt, I am no longer a believer in the Private Public Partnerships between the legal fraternity i.e. the BAR and Government.

It is this very association that has allowed the events Covid, Global Warming now called Climate Change that we experience to occur. I think of Assange and Snowdon and other who have been terrorised by both Governments and the Courts because they have exposed the truth.

There is only one way to resolve this. The levers of power must be taken away from Government and the Rule of Gods law or natural law must be restored to its original position in the hierarchy of law. People Courts (Common Law Courts) with the Levers on power residing there and out of the clutches of the oligarchy or as was coined by Seamus Bruner the "Controligarchs".

Thanks Tess Lawrie for the post

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The apartheid era government in South Africa only capitulated when it was agreed to leave the corporate power structure dominated by the mining interests intact and to neuter any justice for apartheid crimes, and only then was the transition to black rule allowed.

That is the reality of the so called truth and justice reconciliation process in South Africa.

It will be the same worldwide with any UN sponsored so called reconciliation process for the crimes of lockdowns and forced injection of bioweapons. It will leave the power structure and the perpetrators themselves in place and the crimes will continue.

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There are many occurrences of " the duty of the State ".

Given that the " STATE " is the first to be accused of willful dedication to this deadly nightmare, it implies at least that the very first step in a valuable research of truth and justice that all members of State Parliament, members of "justice" ( judges, lawyers and the like) police officers, military personnel, given that they are the state and they should not be allowed to be part if the process.

It should be taken the same procedure against health care personnel, bankers and finance, BP CEOs, Foundations CEOs, WEF CEOs, etc .... given their known participation and deadly influence in this democide.

In short, all those who involved directly and / or indirectly in this democide, should be first removed from their functions, power and authority , kept in such secured premises as to not allow them any possibility to escape, deprived of absolutely all means of whatever influence they had or could have on public opinion or any person involved in the ongoing procedures preceding or following all the parts of a trial aiming at bringing truth in full light.

After that, only, a nation in particular and humanity in general may hope to seek and "maybe, mayyyybeeeeeee " obtain justice.

If what precedes does not happen, this hope-for trial will be nothing else than another puppets' comedy as there have been so many in history.

The trial should be only about deciding if someone is guilty.

And IF justice is really seek for, then it would impart only to the victims, AND NO ONE ELSE, to decide what should the punishment be, because only the victims know, feel, comprehend and live with the real level of pain and sufferings and bear all the consequences for them and their heirs.

Never forget that laws and rules have always been written by the almighty ones, never by the paupers.

It will be humanity's finest hour if we turn things around.

For your general knowledge.

BAR: British Accredited Registry

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The GLOBAL DUMBING of citizens is nearly completed as has been clearly illustrated.

The usage of the word "Sheeple" has indeed earned it's royal place of prestige in Cov 19.

Little else needs discussion. Unchecked blueprint of Social Life Extinction is going quite well.

Sorry those facts seem insensitive of me. Bad news never has good timing. Please wake up!

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But who is going to instigate this action? Truth commissions however desirable in principle need independence and rigour. Given the extent worldwide of the potential criminality where is the will and initiative to come from? Look at the Hallett enquiry in England, effectively neutered, ensuring a lack of justice, and this is intentional.

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There was never a pandemic. All that was done to us was done over a fake public health emergency and I want the bastards that did it to be drawn and quartered and their heads put on spikes at the corners of the realm as a warning to others.

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The old ideas that embarrassing company lawsuits with huge fines for product neglects and frauds along with utterly gigantic punitive (SEVERE) damages assessed upon individuals in the lawsuits,

Do not seem to be any form of "deterrence" in the least any longer. When the term unavoidably unsafe team up with invisible strong arms of .GOV protection shields from every possible angle,

and it's a global event take over round up, lock down fear smearing theatrics of coercion's deploy.

Next stop is The Twilight Zone. Where reality of time and space are altering your mind to conform.

You'll be stuffed into this mold, until the rights to you are sold. You openly injected free Toxins. Not OK!

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I am looking forward to the prosecution and sentencing of Jacinda Ardern, Ashley Bloomfield, Chris Hipkins, Michael Baker and the rest of the NZ criminal cartel. May they rot in prison for the remainder of their lives.

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"How do we prevent this from happening again?" By understanding the Reality of what happened. By helping the General Public to understand the Reality of what happened - that they were subjected to a long planned, fully orchestrated program to deny them real prevention measures and real treatment measures, causing the Depraved-heart mass murder killing of millions, to establish a base of FEAR within their individual and collective consciousness whereby they could and would be forced into the "vaccine only" path, induced to and compelled to participate in their own mass shootings with fast, cheap and dirty genetic engineering injections never, ever, shown to be safe or effective.

With sars-cov-2 came the activation of the long planned bioweapon countermeasure program designed to compel this "vaccine only" path. Prevention / N95 use was ruled out, suppressed from 2013 with no further additions to "our" meager, expiring national stockpile, no provisions would be forthcoming for a resilient, in-country, N95 supply chain.

From my reading, Mrna technology was developed as the fast and cheap sole choice for this program, without ever having been trialed to see if it could make a safe sars-cov "vaccine", after all attempts using conventional vaccine technology to make a sars-cov vaccine failed. They all made antibodies - they all failed because when the vaccinated animals were challenged with sars-cov virus they fared worse than the unvaccinated control group when so challenged. Once the Mrna technology was developed Moderna and BioNTech (to become Pfizer-BioNTech) had their versions on the shelf after failed attempts to use it to bring cancer treatments to the market. The attempts failed because they were unsafe. Mrna was in Truth fast, cheap and dirty. Never shown to be safe or effective.

Their ready plan to suppress all real treatment and push late stage use of remdesivir and "vaccines" was put into action at the W.H.O, in Jan 2020. "The US representative at this Jan 2020 "w.h.o." meeting was, fauci stand-in, Hilary Marston - Medical Officer and Policy Advisor National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases" with a big pharma "fixer" "McKinsey & Company and .. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation" employment background." Within days of obtaining the sars-cov-2 genetic sequence "Moderna" had made an injection that made antibodies. Contracts for warped speed mass manufacturing without quality testing requirements were let. In a "fast vaccine" discussion fauci said in 2019 testing would still be needed (at the suggestion that soon "vaccines" would be manufactured and sent directly to the public, without testing, in the form of a micro needle patch for the recipient to apply) (my note; testing would be needed for "for now" until "vaccines" are released without even farce human testing). So during the mass mis-manufacturing scale up, farce "vaccine testing" was set up to show a "safe and effective" result / "safe and effective" narrative. Timed and orchestrated to coincide with the time of the "vaccine" roll out.

"How do we prevent this from happening again?"

Border control , free passage out, quarantine on entry. Root out any "hidden, resilient, source pockets of infection" that are "seeding". Widespread knowledge enabling Personal Responsibility for Self Protection based on Real science and Real clinical experience. Which now says, and has been known and attempted to be noised abroad from March, 2020 - PREVENTION - pre exposure protection prior to entering "shared air" - first, low cost, simple to make at home, antiviral oral and nasal sprays and antiviral sprays or drops for eyes, then real N95 and eyeglasses, PREVENTION - post exposure prophylaxis protection including use of homemade antiviral nasal flush, antiviral oral and eye wash, antiviral sprays and antiviral nebulization, TREATMENT - available, unsuppressed free access to early treatment and prophylaxis, ready in hand to start at home upon first sign of symptoms and prophylaxis for the entire household when one person in the household develops symptoms. Understand and Choose, Keep D3 levels high, Yes, wash your hands with soap.

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Keep going, Dr. Lawrie. You have a good heart. 🤗

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To some extent, the far Left has been brainwashed with the idea that there are too many people, which provides political support. Therefore the most "just" remedy is a (poisonous) culling of the population. Essentially turning the purpose of law and order upside down. Murder on a grand scale is a virtue. Profiting through democide fits with the inversion of justice.

People need to learn the truth in order to have a common standard of justice.

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