Bird flu is hyped up crap like the regular flu.


The year before they combined flu with pneumonia, it was in the hundreds of deaths.

All of this flu, virus, contagion crap is pure pseudoscience.

Remember polio? Yeah, that was from toxic pesticides like DDT.

Remember smallpox? Lack of sanitation.

But the scammers use contagion to push their snake oil drugs and it also serves a purpose of covering for pollution, toxic chemicals etc.

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Birdbrain flu is sure to infect everyone with the brains of a bird. Just like the birds, they will become sacrifices for the globalists' agenda. They came with this B.S. story too soon. People are fresh off learning about the falseness of the COVID program, resulting in the nearly complete loss of interest in the booster program. Now with the admissions from Fauci, Birx and Collins that they were scamming us about the social distancing, among other things, the public is hardly in the mood for another scam. Out of impatience in rolling out the next stage of the Great Depopulation Reset, they have got out over their skis. I hope this one blows up just like monkey pox. When will they stop monkeying around with nature and with civilization? Only when enough of us know and cry "Foul!"

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When are we all going to FLUSH FearPornMongers? So they just Shut Up and let us live our lives ?….. I guess we’ve started

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Ignore and don't comply.

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I’ve never complied but it’s been hard to ignore .

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True. I try hard. Never complied either, so glad.

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McCullough using Fear Marketing for US$300 per person TWC "Contagion Kit" which includes high Lethality Tamiflu.


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Wow, those aholes promote tamiflu?

What's next, remdesevir? 😂

I saw Peter McCullough hyping up the bird flu and couldn't tell if he was a dummy or a scammer.

I think both.


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TWC deal negotiator Paul Elias Alexander, as WHO employee in 2020, published a paper on Remdesivir that resulted in former President Donald Trump being given it as part of his cocktail collection. What do we know about his co-authors?


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Paul Alexander is quite naive.

I heard his story of moving to be on the Trump team, only to be screwed and honestly, he walked into a trap.

I can't believe he would think remdesevir as a slight help. But then, most doctors think the single digit % chemo is a good thing.

They don't even consider that deaths from the drug get called cancer deaths, or in the case of rundeathisnear- a "con-vid"death. 😆

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Being paid $100,000 per year plus shareholding in Big Pharma drug sales is not what I would call naive.

Look at the kits he sells.


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May 21·edited May 21


Bird Flu in Cattle (Part 2) - Strong Evidence the Alleged Infection is a Technical Falsehood

New preprint published




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I appreciate all this information and agree with the conclusions. However, it’s more than discouraging to see that in no way can I afford the supplements recommended for a family of four, especially if a few months are needed of multiple supplements for each of us. It seems protecting the health of an entire family is only available to the extremely rich, regardless if you go the route of pharmaceuticals and traditional medicine, or opt for natural therapies. But traditional/scam medicine is the most affordable of the two and that disadvantages the very poor as it will be the only treatment that they can obtain.

Some of these supplement makers, including the ones you link to, are imho taking advantage of the situation and overcharging. They keep treatment out of reach of the average middle class family and poorer. That’s no better than big pharma at that point - greed.

I prefer and choose natural therapies, but I’m going broke trying to take care of just one of the four of us. How can we protect whole families when it’s this expensive??

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The plans coming together from the, China, UN, WHO the WEF and Globalists within.

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China? This is a Western run scam just like con-vid was.

As much as China does, we started this bullshit.

Also, why would China be cool with us using their labs? We wouldn't be cool with them using ours.

Lab leak is total bullshit because we know that con-vid was pretty much the same as the flu, even with the hospital caused deaths.

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Agree but it's not stopping what there up to. Space force Is on the move, they have started the war on things been and happening everywhere, and Prety soon they will Strick satanists, that are involved in Democide/Genocide. One does agree with your statement all being out in the open and they hate the truth coming out these murdering barstard's.

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Don't even need to name groups. We should test every one who has a position of power for psychopathic traits. Tribes kept them out of leadership for a reason, so should we, and we have the science to test for it!

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Dr Tess Lawrie, you have been offered to debate the issue of ‘pandemics’ by Dr Mike Yeadon, why haven’t you taken this offer up?

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Tess has extended an invitation to Dr Yeadon and is awaiting a response. https://x.com/lawrie_dr/status/1787724222988480813

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Probably because she still pushes the contagion propaganda.

I saw Dr McCullough pump up the bird flu hype recently and his twc group are selling some crap to treat it, including toxic tamiflu 😂.

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The book ‘Bechamp or Pasteur’ by Ethel Hume, is an interesting book about the development of the germ theory.

I was very surprised to see Dr McCullough put his name to Tamiflu.

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It is necessary to deal with this whole subject of vaccines and pandemics by hitting the root of the problem:

1- Pandemics do not exist. Refer to Dr Yeadon, he correctly says there have never been any pandemics. Acute respiratory illnesses cannot result in pandemics otherwise the entire human race would be extinct by now.

2- Vaccines are all dangerous. No vaccine is adequately tested (do your research). Vaccine producers are not subject to litigation and they get free marketing via the governments - this is not a safety ensuring plan.

We need to debunk the words ‘pandemic’ and ‘vaccine’ and stop Big Pharma at the gate, instead of arguing on the enemies territory.

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Yes, yes, yes!

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“The stupidity of this idea is unfathomable but yet it raised $26m. What they propose isn't even scientifically possible. The support from WEF and WHO is yet another indication of how they intend to destroy our human rights and freedoms. Wake the fcuk up everyone who is asleep and thinks this is conspiracy theory.

The evil behind it should no longer be tolerated. How is BG still free and not arrested and jailed for all his crimes against humanity and insider dealing”


Gates-backed startup raises $26 million for climate vaccines

Company develops climate vaccines for livestock as drugmakers eye climate vaccines for humans


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Truth be that this, all that's going on is going in circles to no end. All the truths out near anyway on Vaccines, and Freemassons the likes Bill Gates, Blackrock and all Involved Billionaires, massin politicans everywhere, hiding behind the UN and it's protection Whom are all in Cohoots together, claiming they are above the laws they make of this world.

Space Force has other views.

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It is the PCR fraud again, with the domestic bird producers! Producers know when AIV shows up, because just about immediately, there are dead birds!

I read the CDC "publication" about the man with red eyes in TX., BULLSHIT! Read that publication on the CDC website. Again - the PCR discussion deflected - for example, they said they used "less than 40 cycles." Riiight. 39, then? And they talked about using this model and that model to divine the man and cows had AIV.

I wished I had saved the articles, I am kicking myself now - about bird producers that took in some of the culled birds to be necropsied. Guess what - ZERO signs of AIV.

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Are they inoculating or infecting our food supply?

I have no trust in this system.

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Why so much verbiage? Why are you increasingly sounding just like another government authority?


This stack could have literally been just two sentences:

This is another 'public health' con! Ignore this nonsense and live your life.

That's it!!

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