The resources look fantastic. Thank you for your work and encouraging others to further scale it.❤️

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I question everything!

The fraud is being kept alive and people are being led off of another cliff.

World Ivermectin day?

✔Here is a 12 video playlist reviewing additional data on IVM.


Here is a substack review by Tim Truth.


✔Ivermectin MSDS


✔ Covid has not even been shown to exist outside of a computer lab.


✔Birds of a feather Gatekeep together!


✔Everything is a lie and deception! I agree with the seven principles of the WCH. However, I question the integrity and their intention.

✔Why do they refuse to discuss the contagion lies and hoax?


✔There is no replication competent genetic debris!

Post a valid published, independent, randomized control study!

None found!

✔140 years of failed transmission studies!


✔Of the ~50 throughout history they ALL produce negative results thus we can say: "The Peer reviewed science is unanimous VIRUSES DO NOT CAUSE DISEASE.


We are awake to the big lie! Everything about Virology is in question.

✔There are no valid controls!

Now you know the truth.

✔Your choice!

Continue down the path of deception or come clean?

I'll leave you the Anthem for Justice written by Margaret Anna Alice and the song, ""Bastards" by Gino Triggiani.



"Mistakes were not made"


p.s. contagionhoax.com

🎯There is no virus

🎯There is no lab leak

🎯There is no test

🎯There is no contagion

Don't let them get away with it!

Show me one valid controlled study!

Best of health and Nature!

Let food be thy medicine!

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I take it I'm not the only supporter here in Scotland. I suppose that, as more people wake up, there will concerted pushback from the usual suspects - we need to be ready. But it'll be interesting to find out how they'll defend the WHO treaty.

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How was the Parliamentary meeting (not an official Parliamentary hearing) with MP Andrew Bridgen, Dr. Pierre Kory, Robert Malone, Ryan Cole, Angus Dalgleish, David Martin, and Steve Kirsch (Peter McCullough and Mike Yeadon remotely) last Monday evening?

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You are not alone Gogs. There are more of us around than the Scot Gov admits

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Great video, thank you. No matter how obstinate people may become in the face of facts, very few of them are going back 💉

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How do I get hold of some leaflets?

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Dec 13, 2023Liked by World Council for Health

You can download leaflets here:


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