"a study of one million women in the UK found that eating organic food decreased the risk of cancer by 21%"

I'd be interested to see a reference for this. The only million-woman study in the UK I could find on this topic (Bradbury et al 2014) reported a slight (not statistically significant) increase in overall cancer incidence amongst regular eaters of organic food, except for non-Hodgkins lymphoma. https://www.nature.com/articles/bjc2014148

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Hi Everyone - REACT19 is a non-profit dedicated to helping the vaccine injured get treatment.


Recruitment is now OPEN for REACT’s patient-led research collaboration:




The study will help all of us understand many aspects of what we are experiencing, including treatments that people have tried.

The study is a collaboration between React19 and the University of Maryland, Baltimore. We plan to publish the results in top research journals and through our platforms.

Many have already joined and interesting patterns have already started to come out.

However we need all your contributions to send a clear message through the scientific community! You can truly make the difference if you participate.

You do not have to take the survey in one sitting. You can start the survey and save your progress so that you can continue when you prefer.

Feel free to send us an email if you have any questions.

#Vaccinelnjuries #CovidVaccine

Thank you so much for helping to gather this knowledge!!!!

Take good care of yourselves, and be well.


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Interesting. But ... "EVERYTHING" ... !!!?? Wow!

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Thanks for this. I will watch the presentation.

I take a high dose of iodine to protect against fluoride. Japanese women consume around 12.5 mg per day, so that is what I take (minimum). Historically they have very low rates of cancer. Don’t believe the mainstream medical establishment that says this is too high a dose. They are either lying or ignorant. Or both.

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