The murderes keaping Julian Assange in prison for a crime to say the truth

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THE WAR YOU DON'T SEE! If I remember well, it has started with the report of this massacre.

Wikileaks Iraq Video US Gunship killing & US Soldier's Confession 5:55 min

¨WikiLeaks, a website that publishes anonymously sourced documents, has released video footage of what it says is a US military attack on Iraqi civilians in Baghdad.¨ Rohit D R


WikiLeaks' Collateral Murder: U.S. Soldier Ethan McCord https://youtu.be/kelmEZe8whI


Marianne Williamson - You, Me, and Julian Assange https://mariannewilliamson.substack.com/p/you-me-and-julian-assange

Free Assange! Marianne Williamson, Krystal Ball, Katie Halper, Kyle Kulinski, Glenn Greenwald + More https://www.youtube.com/live/8DRVDq8cicg?feature=share

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The 'global powers' do NOT care about human beings, only about themselves, and anyone who gets in their way is a minor glitch. They are evil beyond description

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Podesta’s Jack-in-the-box. Boo! 👻

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