I remain unjabbed. My father was killed by a Pneumococcal jab.

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Another unjabbed here. My daughter became autistic immediately after the MMR.

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We have a way to go in public education, but I feel optimistic that we can get more people to think about it.

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I certainly hope you're right. :)

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Hi Geoff, I too remain toxic jab free! After a careful personal analysis of information available in mid-2021, I wrote a letter to my adult children to explain why I wasn’t having any of that toxic mRNA stuff injected into my body. You might be interested in what I had to say (as a lay person) https://open.substack.com/pub/oxgmcxo/p/reasons-why-im-not-rushing-out-to?r=pf0i9&utm_medium=ios&utm_campaign=post ALSO, I really appreciate all your posts here. Best regards “The book designer” 👍

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Thing is, and I am not being in any way 'superior' ,this information was easily and clearly available to *Everyone* who had online access before any of these injections were rolled out. It was not hard to find, one only had to look at the trial protocols as originally published to see the huge flaws in design and then to look at the press release of early data to see what was *actually* being claimed. I mean, come on, the '95% effective' story was exposed in a *Press Release* for goodnness sake, while the 'trial' was still ongoing, not in finalised clinical trial data. Are people _really_ that gullible that they never even glance at core information for themselves and just take at face value what is being spouted at them. Do folk *honestly* have no sense of scepticism, wariness or even _questioning_ left between their ears??

I am never blaming anyone for being duped. My point is that Nobody *should* have been duped, it was all out there from the off - all we had to do was look and spend a few minutes reading and thinking and engaging instead of whatever else bright shiny thing distracted the people. Really - people care SO LITTLE about that they put into their bodies thay they fell for it????

I have been banging this drum from the time of the publication of the trial data, pre any 'covid' injections, and Trying to show people. They just don't want to know. So, you ask would they have taken it if they had known? The real question is - would they have listened in the first place if they had been told. It seems they did not, because, bottom line, they WERE TOLD!!! It was there, in the numbers. Clear as day.

Angry? I suppose I am.. I rarely get angry. This is, for me, a justifiable rage.

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No kidding! I inadvertently insulted a couple of old friends by outlining what you've stated above. After that I never discussed it with anyone. I have noticed that by far the most gullible are the Ivy educated midwits among my acquaintances. What's most telling is that if you are discussing it with them they will not allow ANY fact or fact pattern that throws doubt upon the narrative. They find nothing odd about it. That's how you know it's a religion and that's how I knew it wasn't worth having a conversation with them about it.

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Quite fortuitously in retrospect, I was diagnosed with breast cancer in late 2020. Researching mainstream medicine’s cancer treatments and it’s history was a real eye opener into the true nature of medicine and big pHarma. I was never really on the bandwagon as far as prescription drugs and flu and other vaccines before, but this was a major red pill. This is what kept us on the fence about the Covid vaccines. I did the research and we sat back and watched the aftermath. Crimes against humanity.

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The answer should be no. Yet, they have not been honest.

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This lawsuit will fail.

Pfizer never officially reported 95% or stops transmission.

The media, CDC and FDA did.

Pfizer stated things in result of it's trial, but they didn't even put it on their page for corninaty.

This ag is naive or it's by design to pretend like he's really fighting them.

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My husband wouldn’t have. I wish I did. :( 💔

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The BIG FAT question is: why aren't all countries, states and provinces suing Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca off their pants?

Answer: because they are all accomplice to genocide!

What’s your best way to wake-up those who don’t want to open their eyes?

Please share your most effective wake-up strategies.

The more the awakened, the sooner this nightmare will be over!

If the person doesn’t want to discuss injections, then food is a good start:

Why is food poisoning legal?

How Rumsfeld forced the approval of Aspartame.

Artificial sweeteners, MSG, PFAS, Glyphosate ... go organic!


Then I’d follow with "Are you opened to see if the actual data matches your opinion?"

Then I start showing some of the shortcomings of the Pharma industry:


Then, show that every single person in the planet should be suing Pfizer for deliberately injecting an undisclosed carcinogenic monkey virus (SV40) into the cell nucleus of the clueless biohacked, as officially recognized by Health Canada !!!

If he doesn’t like the topic, I’d show this video (all you need is 10 secs in the middle, who doesn’t have 10 seconds for you):


(caveat about the beginning: pot destroys your brain + “Raises Risk of Heart Attack and Stroke”)

9/11: two "planes", yet the third tower (WTC7) imploded, free falling on its footprint like in a controlled demolition. It was out of reach, and all 7 World Trade Center towers needed to be rebuilt, not the closer towers not belonging to World Trade Center... and the “owner” took an insurance policy for the WTC against terrorism, just months before, when no one was taking them … he didn’t show up for work precisely on 9/11 … just as his 2 grown up siblings (they never skipped work before). The inside information about the FUTURE 9/11 event helped masons make trillions by shorting the stock exchange: the records were deleted by the SEC so they wouldn't be prosecuted !!!

Watch amazing short and more evidence here:


Please watch all of this! Your life depends on it, because there's a plan to murder 95% of the global population by 2050… written on the masonic Georgia guide-stones: “Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 … ”:


- J6: The false flag operation of the fake riot was planned, incited and guided by FBI agents, who broke into the Capitol !!! The same mason-plot was copy-pasted to disband the insurrection against the stolen elections in Brazil! All intel agencies (CIA, FBI, NSA) were founded by masons and are run by them for their own nefarious goals.


It's such a mason manual that they organized the same J6 play in Brazil when it was proven that the voting machines owned by mason Soros, were rigged:



- At least since the 90s, vaccines are weaponized to reduce the population, for example:

1. Adding hCG to infertilize women: lab detected in 30 countries

2. Overpassing the FDA 10 ng limit to human DNA “contamination” by 2000%, thus causing neuro-damage (autism, asperger, tics, dyslexia in 29% of kids, etc.) and childhood cancer epidemic (n.b. leukemia, non-Hodgkin’s lymphomas)

Check soundchoice.org or videos at bottom after this page:


- COVID was designed as a primer for even more lethal COVID haccines:




- Wake up videos:



- It's genocide for depopulation:


- Their main source of power apart from sin-empowered demons? NOT a coincidence that the USA left dollar convertibility to gold in 1971, precisely triggering the exponential government deficit coupled with the trade deficit and inflation.

This is the Achilles’ heel of all nations: masonic and satanic secret societies counterfeit paper money and launder trillions with which they buy Banks, seats in the Federal Reserve (the only private run Central Bank in the world), political careers and parties, puppeticians, listed corporations, media, healthcare corporations and organizations, universities, foundations, judges, etc.:

Confessions of illuminati, David Rockefeller:


Confessions of ex-illuminati Ronald Bernard (all lodges obey the same master, Satan):


The way out of this mess:

1. Create an easy system for real money: private currencies/warrants based on real assets, goods, services, etc. (gold, corn, oil, distance/volume/weight transportation, labor human hour/minute, etc.)

2. Ban legal tender. Let the free markets decide which real-currencies/valuables/warrants they prefer to trade with

3. Ban paper-backed currencies (unlike real-backed ones of point 1.)

4. Enforce a Legal Banking Reserve of 100% of deposits (so banks don't create money based on air) and therefore there's no excuse for a Central Bank, because there would be no risk of bank-runs since all their loans are fully backed with deposits

Anything else you might think of?

Now, are you really ready for this?:

The full PLAN exposed:


16 laws we need to exit Prison Planet


Plllllease, on my knees, don’t believe me, just do your own homework by searching the following in yandex.com, mojeek.com (includes crawl date filter and substack search), gigablast.com, startpage.com, duckduckgo.com (not Google, Bing, Yahoo censors). The key terms to test them? Child Satanic Ritual Abuse, Child Satanic Ritual Murder.



President John Quincy Adams: “Masonry ought forever to be abolished. It is wrong - essentially wrong - a seed of evil, which can never produce any good.”

If you are a mason or know a mason, ask him to ask his 33° master to put in writing and sign it, who is "the great architect" and that he is not Lucifer. If he refuses, then he’ll know who he is really serving, Satan: tell him to get out of masonry NOW. Sooner or later he’ll be required to trample on a cross to get to a higher degree.

Confessions of ex-illuminati Ronald Bernard (all lodges obey the same master, Satan):


Confessions of a former mason (Serge Abad-Gallardo):


Confession of 33rd degree master mason - Masons worship deities/demons


Masonry's Satanic Connection


Masonry's Satanic Doctrine | From Their Own Books


Do Freemasons Worship Lucifer? Evidence They Don't Want You To See


Satanic Ritual Abuse and Secret Societies [1995] [VHS]


Satanic Pedophilia Torture and Blood - Dark Satanic Secrets Revealed




WARNING! Weaponization of vaccines:




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When you believe and trust your own eyes and ears above the propaganda beamed into your home then regret is not an issue. Bizarrely, millions of people (most friends and family included) did not. Something I will never be able to understand because it was obvious. And untill these millions start believing their own eyes and ears, we are going nowhere.

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FANTASTIC! Methylene Blue Binds Hydrogel In Lantus Insulin - Lantus Insulin Creates Chip Like Crystals, Methylene Blue Prevents Chip Formation

Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PHD December 12, 2023


¨Methylene Blue is amazing. It looks like a vacuum cleaner for all hydrogels - this is what the literature tells us, but it is fascinating to see the effects under the microscope. It has extensive anti aging benefits and anti cancer properties, so it might help prevent the exploding turbo cancers via multiple mechanisms. It helps reverse brain fog, improves cellular oxygen delivery, bypasses mitochondrial dysfunction. Do not take if you use anti depressants as it may cause Serotonin syndrome. Methylene Blue is a precursor to tricyclic antidepressants, to it lifts mood, decreases pain and more.

Lantus Insulin builds chip like structures similar to dental anestetics. When mixed with Methylene Blue, no chips developed. People ask me all the time if I know of a safe dental anestetic. I do not. But from what I know at this time, I would use EDTA and Methylene Blue prevention and treatment. More testing needs to be done…. but it all looks like good news so far! ¨ Read More


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I have an immune system for a reason. I was once threatened with Article 15 while I was in the Army back in the early '80's, if I didn't get the Flu shot back in the day. I STOOD my ground, refused the Flu shot, and did NOT receive an Article 15.

I also Stood my ground on refusing to wear the suffocation device, those things barely keep out dust, let alone a virus that you need a very powerful microscope to see. I refused to go along to get along !

I'll be 62 in 4 months. Take ZERO mcpharma drugs & in Excellent health

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NZDSOS reaction to whistle blower information release. 18:46 min


Our team met today to discuss our take on the release of the whistleblower information and the subsequent reaction to it. 18:46 min


Whistleblower Data Release – A Smoking Gun.



NZ Whistleblower Case: NZDSOS Response to MOH Data Release



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I dont buy that there is any reduction at all. I also dont buy that an accurate number could be put on it if it did.

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