This one issue highlights how big business controls our politicians for their own gain. Fluoride is a by product and toxic waste which was expensive to dispose of, so they created a ‘need’ to put it in the water supply instead. They know, and don’t care, that it has negative effects on the population. They want us sick and stupid.

They’ve expanded this agenda into so many other areas since they started fluoridating water. Vaccine schedules expanded ridiculously and now it is evident they cause harm and autism. Food manufactured with bio engineered ingredients and GMOs. Why is that necessary? Spraying the skies to block sunlight and control the weather. They want farming dead in favor of lab food and insects.

There is a sick agenda at play and it is up to us to stop it.

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i hope they stop fluoridation of water. i see no reason to fluoridate toilet water, which would be flushing medicine down the toilet... assuming it is medicine... and flushing down a poison down the toilet is no better if it is a poison.

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