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Aside From Deaths & Injuries, How Are C-19 “Vaccines” Performing for Covid Infections?

Christof Plothe, DO and Dr Mark Trozzi examine Covid-19 "vaccine" performance: Do they reduce or increase one’s risk?

In this exclusive Covid-19 “vaccine” performance update, WCH Steering Committee members Christof Plothe, DO and Dr Mark Trozzi set aside the unprecedented adverse events data, to look at how the C-19 genetic injections are performing in relation to coronavirus infection rates and Covid-19 disease.

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Do they reduce or increase one’s risk?

Don’t miss this high-speed tour of recent evidence regarding the performance of the C-19 spike producing genetic injections, with regard to their impact specifically on Covid-19.

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Join us on Monday, July 31 at 6pm UTC for General Assembly Meeting #98 to hear more about this important topic from Christof Plothe, DO and Dr Mark Trozzi!

Watch live in the WCH Newsroom.


The Cleveland Clinic Studies 1 & 2:



CDC data confirms Cleveland Data:

Dr Paul Alexander:

  • 71 studies & reports (Dr Paul Elias Alexander) showing that very early on CDC, HHS, NIH, FDA, Health Canada, PHAC, Fauci, Walensky, Jha, Francis Collins et al.) all knew that the COVID vaccine (mRNA technology based) was ineffective, harmful, deep into negative efficacy, negative effectiveness), in effect it failed right out of the box early 2021.

Flawed Covid definitions, data and modelling. An end of year review, Dec 2022. Norman Fenton and Martin Neil

Dr Norman Fenton:

Dr Mark Trozzi:

Association of Prior BNT162b2 COVID-19 Vaccination With Symptomatic SARS-CoV-2 Infection in Children and Adolescents During Omicron Predominance. Katherine E Fleming-Dutra,  Amadea Britton et al

The FDA knew on September 17, 2021 that people who got the COVID "vaccine" were 2 x more likely to be infected.

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