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Prof Sucharit Bhakdi: The Eternal Dangers of RNA Vaccines — A Horror Story

In this video introduction to #PlasmidGate, Bhakdi explains essential but complex scientific information relating to DNA contamination of the Covid-19 injections using everyday language and metaphor.

Sucharit Bhakdi, Emeritus Professor of the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz, a specialist in microbiology and infectious disease epidemiology, and the founder and chairman of a society of physicians and scientists for health, freedom and democracy, was introduced by Christof Plothe, DO, who described him as one of his “personal heroes” and “a shining light in this time of darkness.”

Prof Bhakdi’s contribution to the WCH Urgent Expert Panel on DNA contamination of the mRNA ‘vaccines’ reflects his deep commitment to empowering citizens to understand the very serious implications of the mass-rollout of the experimental Covid mRNA injections. He explains essential but complex scientific information relating to DNA contamination of the Covid mRNA injections using everyday language and metaphor. Here we provide an edited version of the full transcript of his valuable presentation.

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The Eternal Dangers of RNA Vaccines

Protected within the cell nucleus are chromosomes (the recipe books of life). The genome is the full set of DNA instructions (recipes) needed for life. When the cell needs to make a particular product (a cake), the relevant recipe book is opened at the right page and a copy of the recipe (mRNA) is made and sent out of the nucleus to manufacturing sites in the cell (the kitchen). Once its purpose is fulfilled, the mRNA is disposed of. The product is displayed where it can be inspected.

The Covid injections were designed to contain short-lived mRNA copies of DNA recipes that will direct production of the spike protein (the antigen). More than a billion copies of this message are administered with each injection into the human body!

To mass-produce mRNA, you need massive numbers of DNA templates. These billions and trillions of copies of the DNA recipe are derived from bacteria. They are contained in minute circular bacterial chromosomes called plasmids. Plasmids are used to manufacture mRNA because foreign DNA recipes (genes for desired proteins) can easily be inserted into them.

Once the foreign DNA recipe has been inserted into a plasmid, this is introduced into bacteria, which multiply, producing many, many copies of themselves. The DNA plasmids are then harvested and used as templates to produce copies of mRNA. The mRNA molecules are then packaged into tiny fatty globules called lipid nanoparticles (LNPs), which protect them from being destroyed as they travel in the bloodstream to all organs of the body. The LNPs act as Trojan horses, being taken up by the cells and releasing their cargo of mRNA inside, where the recipe is used to produce the gene product (spike protein), which is then inserted into the cell membrane, where it is displayed.

Outside the cell, security guards (our immune system) are on patrol. If the ‘cake’ is produced according to a recipe that originates from one's own book of life (genome), all is well. But if the recipe originates from an alien recipe book, the security guards will leap into action and attack that cell. The capacity of the immune system to recognise and eliminate cells that manufacture ‘non-self’ is given at birth and ends at death. Rejection of ‘non-self’ is often seen in organ transplants: you get my kidney – you reject my kidney. If after the first failure, a repeat attempt is made to donate my second kidney, a rapid, explosive rejection results.

The same principle underlies the ever-increasing intensity of adverse events following in the wake of booster mRNA injections.

Gigantic numbers of copies of packaged mRNA are administered with each injection. Myriad immune attack events will erupt throughout the body and only end when production of the alien protein stops. How long will this take? Just a few days, as the vaccine manufacturers, the vaccine perpetrators, and recently the Nobel Prize committee assert? It does not appear so.

An alarming finding surfaced over the past year that refutes this assertion. Spike protein and multi-organ inflammation were detected in vaccinees weeks and even months after injection, and this was associated with severe and often fatal illness. What earthly reason could there be for such disastrous, long-lasting production of an RNA-encoded protein?

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The discovery by Kevin McKernan and colleagues of plasmid DNA contaminating the vaccines immediately provides one terrifying explanation. In the vaccine production process, the plasmid DNA templates must be removed from the generated mRNA before the latter is packaged into LNPs. Otherwise, plasmids will also end up in the packages. But Kevin discovered that this crucial step of removing plasmid DNA had not been assiduously undertaken.

Huge amounts of plasmid DNA were found in packaged form that guaranteed their successful delivery to cells. His work has now been replicated in other laboratories.

The uptake by cells of whole or fragmented plasmids alters the entire set of DNA instructions, in other words. By definition, this equates to alteration of the genome. During cell division, the nuclear envelope breaks down, allowing foreign DNA to become encased with the chromosomes in the newly-formed nuclei of daughter cells.

If whole foreign recipes (genes) are inserted, this will cause production of whole products (proteins). Continued production of any non-self protein will provoke long-term inflammation and organ damage throughout the body. Vessel walls will be damaged, with bleeding and blood clot formation being inevitable consequences. Tissues will then die due to lack of oxygen.

The heart is one organ that cannot replace dead cells. Who has not heard of the mysterious sudden cardiac deaths occurring around the world? They are only the tip of an iceberg. Vaccine-induced heart disease now threatens both young and old. Another organ that cannot replace dead tissue is the brain. Depending on where vaccine damage occurs, any number of neurological and psychiatric afflictions may follow.

Autoimmune diseases can develop simultaneously in different organs. This multifaceted feature of vaccination-induced injury is unique and was tragically illustrated in the unprecedented case of a 14-year-old child who died of multi-organ inflammation.

There is enormous potential for mRNA ‘vaccines’ to impair fertility and reproduction if they accumulate in the reproductive organs. Uptake of circulating RNA and DNA by cells of the placenta could result in stillbirths, and placental damage may also enable LNP-packaged genes to enter the foetal circulation. Indeed, it is known that stem cells in umbilical cord blood are reduced and impaired following the injection. It is feared that the baby may be reached in the mother's womb.

The fat globules with their cargo are also known to find their way into breastmilk. Gut permeability is high during the first weeks after birth. There is a real possibility that breastfeeding will result in direct passage of vaccines into the baby's blood where suicide mechanisms may be triggered. Remember that the immune system is able to recognise and destroy cells that produce alien proteins from birth.

The incredible horror story does not end here. Packaged DNA fragments have been found en masse as vaccine contaminants. Once they reach the nucleus, short DNA sequences have an increased propensity to insert into chromosomal DNA. The possible consequences are unending. Disruption of the exquisitely tuned network that controls cell division and differentiation can lead to cancer and to developmental defects. Mutations in sperm and fertilised egg cells could render altered traits inheritable.

Cost-effective procedures to reliably separate mass-produced RNA from plasmids do not exist. We can therefore expect that contamination of mRNA ‘vaccines’ with plasmid DNA will be the rule and not the exception.

Fellow citizens and physicians of the world, turn away from the perpetrators of this monstrous crime against humanity. Whoever promotes mRNA vaccines as being ‘safe and effective’, and whoever claims that nothing can happen to your genome is either incredibly ignorant or endlessly evil. That person is turning his back on the horror scenario that is unfolding before our very eyes.

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